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Universal Design Taxi MUTSUMi

Tokyo flat rate service taxi

Universal Design Taxi MUTSUMi

Travel with wheelchair !

  • Universal design taxi is a transportation service that people who have physical disabilities are able to travel while they are on a wheelchair, and the drivers are certified care workers.
  • In Tokyo, wheelchair accessibility is rapidly improving ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
  • Although airports, hotels and tourist spots are being accessible, the roads and public transportation that connect them are not being improved yet.
  • Therefore, our services will be a comfortable transportation for those who have physical disabilities.
  • Our taxi is bigger than a general taxi with a riding capacity of 2 wheelchairs and 8 people.
Tokyo flat rate service taxi
Tokyo flat rate service taxi

Driving Policy

We provide safe, reliable transportation services for your freedom to reduce mental and physical burden on both caregiver and care-receiver.

Taxi Fare

Narita Airport to Hotels in Tokyo 23 Wards

Departure Time
8:00AM-1:59PM ¥30,000
2:00PM-5:59PM ¥25,000
6:00PM-9:59PM ¥30,000

Haneda Airport to Hotels in Tokyo 23 Wards

Departure Time
8:00AM-1:59PM ¥12,000
2:00PM-5:59PM ¥9,000
6:00PM-9:59PM ¥12,000


  • Nursing fees, expressway tolls are included.
  • If you have any problems with the time period, please contact us.
  • The fare is based on not the reservation time but the time we depart.
  • We will either refund the payment that you have already payed or charge extra if you change the plan you have made.
  • The stopover at a travel center is 15 minutes per stop.
  • We will charge extra fee if you take longer than that.
  • Please check the size of wheelchairs that we support on our website.
  • We will charge the fee even if your wheelchair is bigger than that.


  • From ¥20,000 for 3 hours sightseeing assistance in Tokyo.
  • From ¥7,000 for each additional hour.
  • If you want to go outside of Tokyo, please contact us.


  • Because we are neither ambulance or medical transportation, we do NOT provide medical treatment.
  • If you need medical care, please contact us.
  • When you need emergency medical treatment, we call an ambulance.
  • Basically, we provide services with a little English and use Google Translate.
  • Please contact us if you need a translator.
  • We will make the arrangement for translation with extra fee, if you would like.